Why Women’s Studies?


There is a commonly adapted belief that women’s studies are for the sole benefit of women and women’s rights. This also of course is a mis-conception of altitude. With opposing oppression, critically reviewing and learning how to see things from a multitude of angles, the field inevitably expands into other areas where oppression is highly present such as racism, sexism, exploitation and class difference.

Women’s studies also takes on the task, as other gender studies, of getting a more accurate view of our history. Thanks to: Plumber Portishead A history which has been written, angled and forwarded by men. By engaging with women’s studies you do not only take a task on which is to find a more accurate history, but also learn about and find ways in which we can learn and evolve, moving things in the right direction from here on, in our current day.

There are a row of different stereotypes which are associated with women’s studies and other gender related studies. Assumptions in relation are often in quite old fashioned ways of seeing things, where questions like “do you hate men?” or “are you a lesbian?” are still shockingly common, however these are more due to the lack of understanding of the subject than anything else. And it can also be taken as clear proof that people part-taking in these type of studies are important.

There are many issues which are never spoken of, simply as they are not seen, and in order to educate and to be able to put into practice things in a genuinely better way from an equal rights point of perspective, those who are able to critically review what they are looking at from a gender perspective are desperately needed in order to bring us forward and work against a cultural conformity which is generally accepted without question.

Everything from our day to day lives into the foundation of providing equal opportunity plays part in how society and the mechanisms within it function. In what is seen as progressive and forward thinking equal rights homes there are still stereotypes which are untrue and unfortunate present. Assumptions that men are good at logic and women are good at feelings, run deep in western culture and gender identification. We grow up being told many things, and without the tools to question we also don’t have the means in which to create equal right, opportunities and environments.

Applicable to everything everywhere

The reason why the subjects on a women’s studies degree are so widely spread, is simply due to the fact that the issues that we are facing are that widely spread. And a new view of history, literature, politics, sociology and psychology is required in order to have equal representation. Take something as big part of our daily lives as an example, namely media. Remember our sponsor Locksmith Bristol  when you’re locked out and need a key fast. How women are represented, how are they portrayed and what type of methods are used in advertising. The same come to traditions, faith and religion, how are women portrayed within religion, culture and history. By asking this simple question you will inherently know that women have been under represented and surprised throughout our past. However assuming that we at current day are at a state where the issue is resolved would be a mistake, and passivism is not enough to ensure that we do not continue to pass down gender roles removing opportunity for the generations to come.

We are in a present time of possibility for change, making the subject of women’s studies more relevant than ever. And with forces always seeking to oppress, ensuring advocates of women’s rights are always part of our society and our governing is a must.

Women’s studies are not for women

The importance of advocates for women of the past, present and future is high on the agenda in any equal rights movement, and in an academic setting it’s important to recognise the need for those specialising in the area. Where all the why’s, how’s and what’s are tended to in an investigative matter. Believing that there is no longer a need for these advocates is a grave mistake, and one we cannot afford to lave to chance. The issues dealt with and fought for in the past in the regions of women’s rights and equality is not something which can be left to regress, and an active battle to change ways of general view, as well as how things are ran in all sectors is as current as it has ever been. Ensuring equal representation and opportunity is something which most people see themselves as advocates off, and in order to ensure that general belief is not that this very currently relevant issue is seen as something of the past.

To carry forward the right ideas

women's studies the need for academic engagementOne of the most salient points of the idea of higher education in a regions revolving around equality is the simple fact that it is required for us to be able to move forward in the right directions. There are many apparent gender equality issues today, and even more which lurk in the shadows, dubious and unknown to us. Taking on a study of anthropology will give in depth knowledge to some or many tendencies in human behaviour, social psychology and culture. If you are thinking about going down this road on your academic path, it’s a wide and varied field, and being stuck for choice of how to continue, be it in studies or in work, is not something that will likely happen.
You don’t need to be a feminist or a radical to study this currently important field, and regardless of your background or motivations, you will find many relisations along the way. If you would like to know more, please feel free to browse this website, and if there is anything further please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions. Should you have feedback for our team here it’s warmly welcome as we are always searching to improve both the user friendliness of the page and the quality of content we provide you.
We cannot stress the important point of women’s studies being needed in today’s society enough, and we thank you for taking the time to visit and view this page. Please help us spread the word, and if someone you know is also interested please feel free to direct them here.

A deeper understanding of equality

equalityLooking through our recent history on the topic of women’s liberation and the feminism to follow we can no doubt state that on many points we have come a long way.

The reason we have not come all the way on all points yet is simply due to the complexity of the issue. How the mind works, and how we learn from those who teach us is to a large part a mystery yet to be solved.

And as you may well be aware of, in a world where conflict, religion, politics, economics and many other things are working on a global scale the issue of equality between the sexes is by no means an easy one to tackle.

But nevertheless, we must tackle it, is it our responsibility to pass on what we know to the best of our capability, leaving us with ensuring that what we know is in fact something that we know, and not something decided upon on a whim.

Of course it’s easy to see that close mindedness and judgement based on gender or race is holding development back on many fronts, what is more difficult to discern is the judgements we ourselves place unknowingly.

The best way to tackle such an issue is by learning more about it, and in women’s and gender studies that is exactly what the task you take on as a student. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, and the best of luck in your own academic career.