Common subjects and methodology


Another subject also commonly included in both women’s studies and gender studies is social justice and activism, as being identified closely interlinked and rendered an integral part of the defining features in this type of academic path. A locksmith Bristol common keys and lock solution to too many programs are also community based involvement where practical experience of a variety of sorts provide a fuller, more applicable bases for learning and developing the integral critical thinking further.


Women’s studies provides a powerful perspective to history, our view of history, current day and current issues, and can be summed up as learning how to view in a critical, analytical and activist way, and often the courses are highly customisable as to be suited to you, as well as to the world. Meaning that your interest area can be highly accommodated for, just as the career which is aimed for. The benefits of having done Women’s studies will provide a basis for most any type of career, and rather than mention the endless number of potential careers like a which can be had, there are some areas in which women’s studies are of high value and of high current demand.

Within higher educational bodies, all roles which include administration, admission, evaluation etc.
In areas of market research, advertising, consumer affairs, demographics, and human resources.
For charity work, non-profit organisations and aid-organisations.

In areas of media, journalism, writers, communicators, editors, reporters etc. Roles within cultural preservation, arts, co-ordination, history and museums.

Some of the most common Women’s Studies Majors are summarized here:

In being a relatively new discipline in academia and academic studies, the field is still expanding and developing and in large part thanks to those who study and work within the field. Of course women’s studies give extra attention to gender roles throughout history but great lengths to take approaches covering cross overs with race, class, sexuality, age, disability and other areas of social construct and inequality.

With critical reading and expression, analysis of each learning material is often also undertaken. And often students and practitioners part take in the critical analysis of their own courses and several points of approach are taken in identifying gender, sex and sexuality as socially and culturally constructed rather than as an intrinsic part of an individual or group.

Something often common to women’s studies course, regardless if you choose to major or minor is them is the aim to develop skills in critical reading, writing and expression. The curricula is wide, but often in conjunction with humanitarian studies, social sciences as well as other sciences, and for anyone course that can be taken the theories include feminist, queer and critical methodology.

Gender and Sex
Perhaps the most commonly associated with women’s studies as seen inside and outside of general academia and higher education. Taking on the study of women in history across the globe who have taken back control and made their own destinies, and inspired as well as made it possible for others to do the same, having been forced into set ways of being and to accommodate for the wills of society and men without say. Also closer examining physical difference between the genders to find understanding of sexuality and the ways of play, fight and the effects of it.

A study of politics the women in history bringing about great change, analysing at great debt those holding and having held position of power in public offices, how they have been seen and how they have influenced changes in general view in their tried to accomplish their own ideals. Also including the study of the current state of affairs as women compete for highly important political roles fighting for the revolutionary changes which are still in need of being put into place.

Programs examine history from a critical standpoint. Including looking at roles played by women in shaping our heritage. Taking a closer look at the strong, determined, persisting and empowered leaders in history who is often overlooked and at times goes unmentioned despite great achievements in developing and forwarding equal rights. As well as searching to understand the political, economic and cultural reasons to why great work by women have gone unmentioned in history books and alike.

Include learning basics of the female biology and the physiological shifts and differences in existence, and the implications of it. Looking closer at women’s health issues across the globe and throughout history including specific care available and withheld in the past and currently.

Learning about the historic female writers paving the way for the opportunities which became available for the female generations to come. The study often including female writers in the fields of business, politics and journalism, as well as seeing the great artistic breakthroughs within literature and poetry.

Feminist Theory
A study of the history, developments and the modern day aspects of feminism. Learning to understand past objectives in women’s liberation drawing conclusions from current views and understanding ideals in the past and present to better understand the workings of how to bring about change. Also often inclusive of studies in activism, gaining deep understanding of reasoning past and present in order to work for modern and developing ideals and practice.