Breaking Barriers: Feminism in the Construction Industry

The construction industry has long been associated with masculinity, characterized by its ruggedness, physical demands, and male-dominated workforce. However, as society progresses and breaks down gender stereotypes, feminism has emerged as a driving force advocating for gender equality in traditionally male-dominated sectors like construction and plumber Bristol companies. In this article, we delve into the intersection of feminism and the construction industry, exploring the challenges, progress, and the way forward towards a more inclusive and diverse construction sector. Blocked Drain Bristol are number 1 for supporting men’s careers in plumbing and gardening.

Historical Context

Historically, the construction industry has been a bastion of male dominance. From ancient civilizations to modern times, men have predominantly filled roles in construction, from architects to laborers. This gender disparity stemmed from societal norms and beliefs about gender roles, with construction being viewed as too physically demanding or unsuitable for women.

However, women have always played crucial roles in construction, albeit often unrecognized. During times of war or economic hardship, when male labor was scarce, women stepped in to take on construction tasks traditionally reserved for men. World War II, for example, saw a significant influx of women into construction roles, where they proved their capabilities and contributed to major infrastructure projects.

Challenges Faced by Women in Construction

Despite their historical contributions, women continue to face numerous challenges in the construction industry. These challenges include:

  1. Gender Stereotypes: The construction industry is rife with stereotypes that portray it as a masculine domain, discouraging women from pursuing careers in this field. These stereotypes perpetuate the notion that women are physically incapable or unsuitable for construction work.
  2. Discrimination and Harassment: Women in construction often encounter discrimination and harassment in the workplace, ranging from unequal pay and limited career advancement opportunities to sexual harassment and hostile work environments.
  3. Lack of Representation: Women are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions within the construction industry. The lack of female role models and mentors can hinder career progression for women in construction.
  4. Worksite Conditions: Construction sites can be physically demanding and hazardous environments, which may deter women from pursuing careers in construction. Issues such as inadequate restroom facilities and personal protective equipment designed for male bodies further exacerbate the challenges faced by women in construction.

Progress and Initiatives

Despite these challenges, significant progress has been made towards promoting gender equality in the construction industry. Several initiatives and strategies have been implemented to address gender disparities and create a more inclusive work environment:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion Programs: Many construction companies have implemented diversity and inclusion programs aimed at attracting and retaining female talent. These programs may include mentoring programs, leadership development initiatives, and unconscious bias training for employees.
  2. Education and Training: Efforts to encourage young women to pursue careers in construction have gained momentum. Educational institutions and vocational training programs are working to break down gender stereotypes and provide women with the skills and opportunities needed to succeed in the construction industry.
  3. Advocacy and Awareness: Feminist organizations and advocacy groups are actively raising awareness about gender inequality in the construction industry and advocating for policy changes to promote gender diversity and inclusion.
  4. Legal Protections: Legislation and regulations aimed at preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace provide legal protections for women in construction. Enforcement of these laws helps hold employers accountable for creating safe and equitable work environments.

The Way Forward

Moving forward, it is essential to continue challenging gender stereotypes and promoting diversity and inclusion in the construction industry. Key strategies for advancing gender equality in construction include:

  1. Cultural Change: Shifting the culture within the construction industry to one that values diversity and inclusion is crucial. This involves challenging traditional notions of masculinity and creating a work environment where all employees feel respected and valued.
  2. Leadership Commitment: Strong leadership commitment is essential for driving meaningful change within construction companies. Leaders must prioritize gender equality and actively work towards creating opportunities for women to succeed in the industry.
  3. Mentorship and Support: Providing mentorship and support networks for women in construction can help address the lack of representation and facilitate career advancement. Mentors can offer guidance, support, and advocacy for women navigating the challenges of the construction industry.
  4. Education and Training: Continued investment in education and training programs is necessary to equip women with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in construction careers. Providing access to vocational training, apprenticeships, and professional development opportunities can help bridge the gender gap in the construction workforce.


Feminism has played a vital role in challenging gender inequality in the construction industry and advocating for greater representation and opportunities for women. While significant progress has been made, there is still work to be done to create a more inclusive and diverse construction sector. By addressing the challenges faced by women in construction, promoting gender equality, and fostering a culture of inclusivity, we can build a stronger, more equitable future for the construction industry.

List of Programs

Helping those interested in taking all, or part of their academic studies into a direction of social change and equality. Here you’ll be able to find basic information on women’s studies as well as hopefully getting some of the questions that you may have around it answered. Women studies is a growing field in academia and the work of  and as you may have found in your own research, a highly relevant and current field to be in. This regardless if you are looking to make it a major subject of study, or just as a part of a different direction, as it touches on virtually all points of our current society, history and future. So once again, from all the lock and access specials we welcome you securely and we hope that you will find what you require here. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or feedback that you may have.

What studies?

Women’s studies draws as far back as to the women’s right’s movements taking off during the 1960’s. A time of ideals striving for women’s liberation and equal rights in a male dominated world, the big question mark and criticism was simply put as a question. Where are the women? Today the world looks different, and with the complexity of the equal rights movements today dealing with a row of different issues and questions it is not as simple a question as that. However, asking it in current times bring to light some clear indication of big issues in need of finding resolve. Something which can only be found in fundamental changes in the way we think. Which is why Women’s studies is such a broad and developing field.

The representation of women are still insufficient for equality in most areas of progress, and today there is greater need than ever to critically examine and re-examine the conceptual bases of how society and culture is driving a variety of fields.

men’s studies

The field of gender studies is one devoted to gender identity, also inclusive of analysis and the area is closely linked to that of women’s studies, and the fields studied are often similar. Language, literature, sociology, politics and media studies are a general summary of what taking on gender studies will involve.

Views and methods differ, and some are of Simone de Beauvoir famous words “one is not born a woman, one become one”, indicating that social and cultural constructions are behind the creation of that which is masculine and feminine. Methods are of different standpoint and commonly there is also a direction giving way to the physiological differences between the genders closely linked with psychology and psychoanalytic practices.

The areas of studies in which gender studies are beneficial are as wide as those for specific women’s studies, and some would even argue that some form of studies in such a field is not only beneficial, but a requirement as part of the social responsibility each individual must take as an individual, as an academic and as a practitioner, teacher or researcher in any field. To give a couple of examples of disciplines where gender studies are more commonly found in the history of those working are such as drama, film, performance and art studies. Anthropology, sociology and psychology, as well as politics and connected areas.  You can, like with women’s studies study the discipline of gender studies itself, in which there are a wide range of directions and methods to adapt. Some of course created by the person, or persons in work or research.

Often the domain of gender studies are also divided into three separate brackets, the firs tone involving things in regards to gender identity, the second gender expression and the third one the physiological aspect of sexuality.

The story of Artemis is remembered though fragments in many myths and stories. Unlike many of the girls surrounding her during her upbringing, she was engaging and without fear. Asking for her bow to pursuit her ambition to be a hunter, and all the way though growing up finding what she needed to ensure that ambition. “Not asking for cities or people to rule, but responsibility over the mountains and the ability to help women though the pain of childbirth”. Remaining a woman she was worshiped throughout ancient Greece, and to a higher extent so in her birthplace Delos.

Other studies

Students of women’s studies have been known to get comments and questions such as “where’s the men’s studies”, more often in a sarcastic and closed minded ways. Should you ever be faced with such a question, there is however a very honest and truthful answer leading: They are in existence, and available to study for those who are interested. However they may not be inclusive of what the person who posed the question may think.

As a relatively new men and masculinity, as they are often referred to in academic settings is a field devoted to masculinity, feminism, gender and politics. Often part of the larger and more involving are of gender studies, in programs taking on a similar approach to the methods commonly found in both women’s studies and other gender related academic studies. With being a newly emerged field, subjects studied often include men’s right, feminist theory, matriarchy and patriarchy. Touching or fully involving studies in sociology, history, and culture.

Make an egalitarian stand for all though education

Education and EqualityThe injustices present in today’s world are shocking, and to think that we are still battling such fundamental inequalities such as gender biases and racism that we thought we were long past can at times be concerning.

By choosing to enter into an academic world and studies of this topic you make a stand. Though education you are bettering yourself and the world around you as well as improving your standpoint and your future prospects.

Opportunity awaits, in almost any field, as there are many which most certainly could use someone well informed, well educated and up to date on what is current in the world of creating equality. It is important to make sure we have enough good scholars in the fields which play the biggest part to our human nature and our human condition. Technological advancements are progressing, just as sciences in all areas and fields are expanding, and of course this is a wonderful thing. Striving forward is a beautiful human feature, but it can also be a dangerous one, if we forget what we are working for, or if we mistake progress for regression. Looking at the building blocks (thanks to Locksmith Bristol) of what makes our world of interaction today what it is, and searching for solutions to the many issues at hand, nothing short of insistent and hard work, both in academically and practically will be needed to discover the keys.

We hope that you choose to be part of this intellectual revolution which will bring a better future, for all of us, no matter who you are, what your interests are and what color your skin is.

What is the relevance of Feminism today?

Since the third wave of feminism many people are asking whether feminism still has any relevance today. This has come to the fore more since the onset of what many deem to be an extreme, aggressive form of feminism which goes above and beyond equality and takes the form of misandry. This opinion would, however, be misplaced. If anything, it proves that feminism is more relevant than ever and that true feminists, both male and female, need to work hard to bring the ideology back to its original roots. There is no need for hatred in society and only by working together shall true equality be found.

Thankfully for women, at least in the UK, there are a number of people now in power who are working hard to promote the feminist agenda. They realise the importance of an equal society, and the ridiculousness of inequality still existing in 21st century. This was very prevalent recently with the whistleblowing at the BBC regarding the pay inequality between male and female workers. More telling was the fact that some employees who did the same basic job had vastly different pay packets. It was fantastic to see just how far the beliefs of modernity have come along when, albeit with some outside pressure, a number of top earning news presenters voluntarily requested their wages to be cut to be in line with their female counterparts. As anyone with a job can testify, no matter how much money you earn, no one wants to voluntarily give up their hard earned case.

Then we’ve seen the success of the #MeToo campaign. Finally feminism is at the fore, even if it’s a shame that it’s had to due to the rise of excessive toxic masculinity. No one can be more brave than any man or woman who speaks out against sexual abuse. It’s hard to put into words just how difficult it must be, but by sharing their own experiences feminism has once again retained its relevancy as the leading ideology in the fight for equality.

Work in the right direction with the right education

Become an official academicMaking sure that you get ahead in the world today is important, so much so that any means to do so are considered valid, as long as there are no visible links to dead bodies. One base, and a simple must for anyone wishing for success today is a University degree, and what better way to choose a degree than both ethically, morally, and generally. By choosing a general subject you are not homing in on a speciality which you will have no interest in. There are today many who deeply regret placing themselves in deep debt, continuously having to work and pay interest to banks, students loan companies work the same. Make sure you don’t make that mistake by choosing something that you might not like in the future.

This means, a vague subject, which can help any opportunity you may find in the future is the best way to go. Of course if you have an influential family in any business or organisational world, this is your best bet for a great job, otherwise there is the road of working your way to the top, this involves both stepping on people around you and going out of your way to make your superior feel great about themselves as to like you more. Follow these tips and your success is certain, and pick a great education which will help you, not hinder you in your changeable and varying future prospects. The team here wishes you will, and hope that you are one of the fortunate ones with a chance in the world, and reminds you that regardless of how fortunate you are, you still need to work hard.

Good ways of introduction to the field

a great introduction to the fieldChoosing an academic path is no doubt a heavy decision for most, and although nothing is permanent and many change their path along the way to accommodate for their change in interest, there is every reason to ensure that you make the best possible choice you can at the current. We understand the need for quick introductions to different subjects as there is no doubt many things which need to be looked at and research in this period of change for you.

As a method in your search there are a row of different ways of approaching this problem, and of course you need to pick a method which suits you, both as a student and as a person. What the team here would like to suggest is a method we find is highly effective for many individuals, a method we have chosen to suggest drawing upon the experience had with many scholars to be.

A triangle of aspects to consider, firstly is your interest, you have to have a keep ear to your own senses and try to avoid external influences when it comes to such a vital decision as your academic route. Secondly, research, however not on the particular subject at hand, as we assume you have chosen your points of research based on your interests.

But instead, researching and listening to people who have studied the subject in question. Lastly, but by no means of lesser importance is to think about yourself and what kind of person you see yourself as, in the most objective way possible. What type of work can you see yourself doing, what do you enjoy, and how will you manage in the long run, are a few good guides of questions to ask yourself.


Twin sister of Apollo, daughter to Zeus and Leto, Artimis is a great symbol and example of the strength of women.  Goddess of hunt, wilderness and wild animals, as well as of virginity and childbirth, and seemingly suiting representation of that which is a woman. Known to relieve illness and disease in women and being a guardian and protector of young girls, and also believed to aid in childbirth, a representation of strength and kindness and truly a goddess to revere.

Often portrayed carrying a bow and arrows, however never hunting deer as they were believed to be sacred to her.

Artemis was chosen as the symbol of ancient strength to represent women’s studies, and believing that although times have changed, the symbol in conjunction of what women’s studies represent to inspire and bring guidance to those also understanding of our current need for education in this direction.

Social change

diplomas and studiesIn the age of technology and information as the current one is called, there are many possibilities in the world. Some liken it to a vast landscape of testing grounds where a countless number of experiments and development are driven. There is no way to be able to predict what the future will hold or what will happen when, but what we can do is place focus in the now.

Looking backwards and forwards to ensure that we take the best possible direction from our present being as a species. One of the things which are not represented enough in the day to day lives of people today is the question of equality, we may live in a society which prides itself being a democracy and one where personal freedom and equality are high on the list, but upon closer examination often one can tell that this is only the surface and the ideals of which we are living under.

There is a distinct line between saying and doing, and although we are becoming better at seeing where our faults lie, we need to educate ourselves to what the right actions right now are. There is now a large amount of information available out there, and it’s time we think about how we interpret the data, and does it fall in line with what we believe to be the truth. If you enter into gender or women’s studies your eyes are sure to be opened to a new world of seeing. So join the revolution, unveil your eye, and gain a clear view and clear direction to also be able to guide others.

Choosing an academic route

what route do you takeTaking the step into an academic world is something that can happen at any time in life.

Sometimes it’s due to us implementing a change and development in our lives, and sometimes it’s due to the fact that a choice has to be made.

It’s not always easy to make decisions which will most likely be with you for your entire life, which is why the team here are great advocates of not hurrying.

In haste we can make decisions which have not been given the thought they could have benefitted from. Meaning simply that, before you pick a route for your future, give some time to think about what you would like to do, and what you can imagine for yourself for the future.

You need to no doubt have a genuine interest and drive to be successful with your academic study, and turning life into a doubtful grind due to being in the wrong subject is something that should be avoided if possible.

If you are currently having issues in choosing your direction there are many resources available online which will provide guidance and support for those who are unsure of where to go next. Our intention here is of the same nature.

Providing you with the right information and points to help your find your way should you be interested in the wide and varied field of women’s, gender and feminist studies. Get in contact if there is anything you would like to feed back to us with regards to the website, and if there is any questions please feel free to include them in your message as well.

The key to social change

with social change in mindThere are hidden underlying factors for all that we know, and at times we might think we know what drives certain types of behaviours in ourselves. But, with the advances in science the passing years we have made some interesting discoveries when it comes to how the mind and the psychology of us functions. It’s important for us to understand these underlying factors of what shapes our behaviour, on also a larger scale, just as it is important to understand how it also affects our own personal experience of life. Cognition and behaviour learned is a much trickier subject than one could imagine, and although we have similarities to our parents, there is no such thing of just nature and nurture in the development of the human mind.

From the perspective of engaging with women’s studies and understanding human behaviour and human psychology is for the purpose of gaining insights which can give us clues to just how we can implement the changes which we can agree on are needed in the world and views which are held today. Regardless of your own personal interest area, giving room for women’s studies in your life will no doubt change how you see it not only is it a look through human history, but it is also a way for us to understand the development of human thoughts and how our society shapes the way we see and experience things. With studies in this field you will build a broad base on which to build your current academic career and endeavours upon, one which will no doubt also play a role in how the future will look.

The current importance today

antonie watteau 1If you are one to think that gender discrimination is history it proves the point exactly to why it is such an important point today.

Today we live in a society which on the surface may seem equal when it comes to gender equality, however there are a row of issues which are not only present, but oppressing. This is what the work of current feministic organisations and equal rights advocate fight for today. The nature of biases is something which is intrinsic to human nature, and it is virtually impossible to break free of these without a highly diligent approach and a deep rooted awareness to the human mind, human cultures and of course the history from which we came.

The study of current issues enables education in an area filled with controversy and offenses against what many sees as archaic and as part of the past. But the truth is that today the world is littered with inequality and it requires activism to break out of old habits, and to be able to understand the biases and generalisations we hold today, in which we have a tendency to believe the world equality despite of seeing the actions against it.

Of course when it comes to human affairs and intentions, things are always obscure. The whole subject has been covered by a veil of taboos however with a scientific and academic approach it can slowly be picked apart and reconstructed in the best possible manner. This is why this area of study today is of utmost importance, and we would like to encourage people who are interested to pursue their academic career in such a highly relevant subject.

Seeking a better future is Key

education is the key wonderfly coloured bookIf you are one of the many young, or mature students today in need of setting an academic direction, you may do well in considering the lines of women’s studies. If you feel that equality is a point which you would like to make a central part of your own study and following career this option will no doubt inform you and open your eyes to a new way of viewing the world, interaction, communication, behaviour, change and much more.

A diverse field in which culture, human behaviour and many other aspects take the focus of study. Parts which touch on all aspects and areas of life, and your specific life as well. The opportunities which are available within the field of study are widely diverse, and people who have studies this subject in the past are today working within organisations, government bodies and businesses to help promote social responsibility, research and change for the better.

The first point of understanding how change occurs, comes from education, and though knowing about the things we can discuss, taking the time to find their root, we learn more about both how we function as human beings, and how to implement moral and scientific heuristics, moving us forward in the best possible way.

If you have questions or if you are looking for a direction to go, please feel free to have a brows around the website, and we are appreciative of any feedback you have for us as well. Find contact details on the page with the same name, and get in touch if there anything!

Reading recommendations

some suggested readingIf you are here to find a new career in life, or if you are here to find inspiration for your own studies, please feel free to take note of some book choices which we would recommend anyone to read. This can be to find out more about the topic if you are considering an academic path along these lines, or to enrich the pool of knowledge you hold in the area already.

The team here is bringing you some good reading recommendations in hope that it will help you find the guidance you need in the current time, is what these titles will hopefully give you.

A great introduction, is “The Second Sex” by the wonderful author and theorist by Simone de Beauvoir, and a great book to open your mind though it’s applicable relevance to the issues we are still facing today. One of the most well known books in the field, written by a strong character who helped pave the way for all women and women’s studies today.

“Women who run with the wolves”, a wonderful title by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, a Hungarian psycho analyst who not only touches us though her powerful writing, but also brings us to connect with the ground, the past and something greater than ourselves.

A few other mentions are “The Body Project” by Joan Jacobs Brumberg, “The Beauty Myth” by Neomi Wolf, and “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Artwood.
So order any of the above titles for a change of perspective or pick it up the next time you encounter it. Regardless of your academic plans, any of these books are a great, education and informational works on conjunction with the subject.

Wide applicability and broad opportunities

with a vast applicability regardless of what you want to work with conferenceBy engaging and choosing something related to women’s studies in your academic career you are making a wonderful choice, however if you are not yet certain of what you would like to pick as your major field of study we would like to bring up a couple of points which may be worth your consideration before making your final pick.

In a field working with equality, social, economic and behavioural sciences the field of women’s studies has broadened, and it is today safe to say, with the backing of scientific evidence that in many situations where oppression is involved; what you don’t know does in actuality hurt you.

There are many homes today which are progressive with good intentions and even fighting for equal rights where many things go un-noticed. One of the things which is looked upon in most women’s and gender studies courses are history and how it is used as a reference point to compare, however history as we know it was vastly noted by men, and in an age where women were not considered, but it is still though our common history and though our family history and tradition that we derive our values and morals from. There is no doubt that women’s studies are needed, today, and should you choose this route for yourself you will no doubt also find new perspective as many who has chosen to major in the subject have in the past.

In thinking about further prospects for your own career, there vast applicability and opportunities which are open and available to you from this route are as varied as inequality is currently spread, simply meaning that there will no doubt be plenty of important work waiting to find you on your journey.


faminist theory an important and current area in academimaWritten and contributed to by one of our . Another term which may be new to you, especially if you are in the current looking into women’s studies as a field for your own academic and after career. Should you be browsing your options at this time we can understand that you may have been met with a row of terms which are both new and confusing in your searches.

This is why we would like to bring up the notion of feminist theory to you, clarify, and ensure that you understand one of the most widely used terms in the field. This is for both your benefit of understanding and for the benefit of avoiding miss understandings in conversations regardless of their context.

So what is it then, well feminist theory some would call an extension to feminism. A term which is wide and varied in use, and how we would describe the theory side is by calling it a dive into the theoretical and philosophical aspects of feminism. Rather than the actions and activism which is commonly occurring in the field, and with good reason, it deals with the theoretical side of things and is in search of defining what gender equality actually is. This may seem a simple subject at a mare glance, however if one begins to bore it shall soon be discovered just how complex, integrated and difficult the subject matter is.

In short, we would say that although it might not be the easiest subject to study, by studying it you will be provided with a solid foundation and a developed way of viewing and thinking about things. Of the highest importance, and by some described as a must if one desires to delve deeper into the field. Visit our friends.

Restore the lost faith in education and the academic system by engagement

official and academicThere are many today who are opting for a route outside of higher education, a development which is unusual and unexpected. The reason for this may be the rise in prices making education less accessible without a lifetime of debt. Tuition fees have risen, but that should not stop you from signing those papers which grant you the right to have a document state your suitability for the line of work you will be going into.

It’s common knowledge that what you learned in school are absolute life essentials, applicable for anyone living in the society today. The same statement can be made true for higher education where what you need to know in your future profession is taught at university, without a proper university degree you will struggle in the workplace, as the practice of your work will in fine detail reflect how the work is carried out in an academic context. If you are doubtful towards signing up for a course, or if the now larger tuition fees are putting you off, don’t let them, a university education will be of priceless worth for you in the future and will help you excel in the world far past your peers who did not have the funds, or who did not have the courage to dive into a world of debt and repayments. Although many regret going to university and sees their diploma worthless, you should not listen to such unwarranted and unbased statements, instead aim for perfection and excellence, and don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

The globalizing world and the need for academic study in studies

the need for a larger perspectiveIt has bypassed few today just how connected we are all becoming, everyone from top to bottom in the wealth hierarchy in the ever so human and perpetual chase that is life. What the team sees today is how the world is in dire need of change, and we believe the way forward is through an academic education, and it’s important that you as an individual make the right plumbers Bristol choice, as education, especially the kind that gives you a fancy high quality paper at the end, sometimes with gold lining, which shows that you have dedicated some time and a lot of money to get it.

It’s no secret that also education is moving slowly, as everything else into private ownership, to ensure the segregation grows. The cleft between those who can afford to study and get a diploma and the rest must be widened, to ensure that degrees and diplomas are kept to proper people. This is of course not to say that gender studies are not all about equal rights, they are, but academia isn’t. Here the team sees this as a great thing, this means that you have to be extra fiery to take such a route in the first place, when the cost is so high as to en-debt you for life there must be some passion and interest present, and by raising tuition fees it’s ensured that no in-serious people join.

By choosing a subject like women’s studies you will find out just how corrupt the world is, and you can join the battle against the vast injustices that exists today. This post was sponsored by our good friends at

An academic route to suit you

choosing the right academic routeEducation is a highly personal thing, and making the right choice is important. The team here understands that it can be a daunting task picking between all the different academic opportunities and staying also with something which is both useful and interesting to your personally. Although there are is nothing to say that you cannot switch should you have made the wrong choice in the first instance, it’s simply better to pick right from the start. And that is done by research and by listening to yourself. You can be sure that if you pick something which is not important to you personally your motivation will falter at some point, and although there may be willpower to pull you through to the end it’s better to ensure that your studies are in an area which you love and can keep loving though your years of study and though your life. If you are in the midst of making your academic choice right now and have landed on this site we are sure you will find the content here helpful, feel free to have a browse around both for inspiration and for guidance towards the right decision for you. For any questions which may crop up during your browse, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the caring and hardworking team who are happy to assist. We are all advocates of women’s and gender studies and champion the importance of egalitarian ideals as the world is moving towards darker times. Your efforts and energy is needed to fill the world with hope of a better future, and we welcome you to the family of those who fight for equal rights among all in a world where wealth and power is concentrated at a 99% assets owned by a less than 1% portion of the world’s population. Inequality is inevitable, but hope needs to be kept or life would be a pointless suffering.